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This website contains documents regarding the construction of Aden Woods of Castleberry, Phase 2 and Phase 3, in Fairview, TN, by A-1 Home Builders, Inc.

Concerned Residents of Castleberry COMPLAINT to Planning Commission and BOC


Donation Form for Non-Profit / Legal Effort

Annotated Satellite Image Displaying Clear Cut of Land

Original Satellite Image

Older Satellite Image from Fairview Property Map System

New Smoke From Aden Woods Phase 3 in June 2022

Photo 1 (Everything white is smoke) - Photo 2 - Photo 3 - Photo 4 - Photo 5

A-1 Home Builders Loses an Excavator to Fire on 6/14/2022

We've heard that there was some type of hydraulic problem. A friend of ours, who is a contractor, said that he has seen cinders from fires get sucked into the air filters of excavators, and catch them on fire. It wouldn't surprise me if that's what happened here, but we wouldn't have any idea what caused it here. It seems to be a common occurance when excavators are used around fires. See here. And And here.

All Photos from 6/14/2022
Burned Excavator Photo 1. Burned Excavator Photo 2.

Unattended Fires in Aden Woods Phase 3 on 6/16/2022

All Photos and Videos from 6/16/2022
Smoking Gun Video. Nobody's watching the fire.

A New Trench Burner / Air Curtain Has Been Installed - 6/20/2022.

There is still a lot of smoke after hours. Nobody was watching the remaining fire, but I think that I passed one of their employees headed in on my way out.
All Photos and Videos from 6/20/2022

In the News

Fox 17-WZTV - Sunday, May 22nd, 2022
Some Fairview residents disappointed with disappearing landscape

Main Street Fairview - Wednesday, March 23, 2022
Concerned citizens unite, form new activist groups

Fairview, Tennessee - Subdivision Regulations
6-105.4 Woodlands
3.b) Subdivisions shall be designed to preserve woodlands along roadways, property lines, and lines occurring within a site such as streams, swales, stone fences, and hedgerows. Such lines and the native vegetation associated with them shall be preserved as buffers between adjacent properties and between areas being subdivided within a property. Preservation shall include ground, shrub, understory, and canopy vegetation.

Fairview, Tennessee has been designated a "Tree City" because of protective Zoning Ordinance like the one above. Yet, Fairview allowed A-1 Home Builders, Inc. to do this...

The way it was on January 10, 2022, and the way it was before...

What happened, on multiple occasions, after A-1 Home Builders, Inc. ran almost all of that wood through a chipper and pushed the mulch into that hole?

City Documents Pertaining to Aden Woods Phase 2 and Phase 3

Planning Commission / Board of Commissioners - Time Line

See the bottom of page 2 of the document below. "Will existing mature trees be removed from the site?: No"
Then, see page 3 where the permit says that a "Tree Inventory & Protection Plan" is required.
Grading, Site Utilization, and Reclamation Permit Aden Woods Phase 2

Note the Title Block / Plat Identifier at lower right of the last page identifies this project as "Phase Two - Aden Woods of Castleberry".
Final Plat of Aden Woods Phase 2

Grading and Drainage Aden Woods Phase 2

Site Plan Aden Woods Phase 2

Reclamation Bond Aden Woods Phase 2

The City only sent out page one of the following document on 2/17/2022. Pages 2, 3, and 4, have been requested and will assist us, just as those pages in the Phase 2 permit did.
Grading, Site Utilization, and Reclamation Permit Aden Woods Phase 3

This link below goes to the full four page version of the Grading Permit for Phase 3.
There is an important timeline here. One can only conclude that A-1 Home Builders must have been removing trees from Phase 3 without a permit to do so. Additionally, Page 3 of the document indicates that no mature trees will be removed, even as a new orange fence has been installed (per tree regulations) that would typically indicate which trees are to be saved, and which additional trees are to be removed, with many mature trees being on the "to be removed" side of the fence.
  1. Be aware that a TDEC complaint was filed by a homeowner on Chessington Drive, on 2/5/2022, because A-1 Home Builders was already pushing large mature trees down in the creek within phase 3.
  2. This document was requested via an Open Records request on 2/15/2022.
  3. The date of the document above and below is 2/16/2022.
  4. The one page incomplete document from the link above was sent out by the City on 2/17/2022.
  5. The document below was sent out by the City on 2/28/2022 after it was requested again.
Grading, Site Utilization, and Reclamation Permit Aden Woods Phase 3 - All four pages.

Grading and Drainage Aden Woods Phase 3

Site Plan Aden Woods Phase 3

Tree Survey Aden Woods Phase 3

Reclamation Bond Aden Woods Phase 3

TDEC Permits

ARAP Permit #NR2104.275

Neighborhood Documents

AdenWoods of Castleberry Deed Restrictions

Castleberry Deed Restrictions

Fairview Ordinance

City of Fairview Zoning Ordinance

City of Fairview Subdivision Zoning Ordinance

Fairview 2040 Comprehensive Plan

Pay particular attention to:
13-102. Smoke, soot, cinters, etc., (as it relates to the underground mulch fires that made so many residents sick, occurring on 11/7/2021, Thanksgiving Holidays 2021, 12/3/2021.)
13-111. Violations and penalty - $500.00 for each offence each day.
13-412. Tree protection plan (Fairview Codes Department is responsible for enforcement).
13-420. Tree protection plan shall be required for any site that requires a development contract or site development agreement.
Fairview Municipal Code
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Fairview Municipal Code Changes to Title 13
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